If you’re one of the best shopkeepers, you ensure that all points in your customer’s experience, from the moment they see your storefront, to when they exit your store, are meaningful and contribute toward an experience they will want to repeat. You curate your store to show your intent as a seller in order to respond to your customer’s browsing and buying intent.


The Means to the End

When it comes to the best e-commerce sites, your team works hard to ensure you have the best martech tools so that regardless of customer intent, whether they’re browsing, showrooming, bargain-hunting or just plain old shopping, your customer experience is intact and contributing toward your e-commerce profitability. Your e-comm, digital marketing, merchandising, category managers, and technology resources all work together in building the total e-comm experience, all tactics being means to the end of securing the customer’s purchase. You plan and execute against questions like:

  • What marketing tactics do we deploy to pull/push customers to our site instead of our competitors’?
  • How can we ensure the lowest barriers for finding product information, including comparing products across our site?
  • How do we compete with other retailers on price, availability, and selection?
  • How can we ensure a frictionless checkout experience?
  • Is it easy to make a return or exchange to ensure customer satisfaction?


In the Event of a Saved Cart

Beyond these, you’ve even thought about what to do in the event that they save a cart and exit the site, which 56% of shoppers do – to hold items and save them for later. You know you want to keep that saved cart top of mind, since the more distance they have from it, the more likely they are to abandon their cart and renege on their intent to purchase. So you push timely remarketing communications once they’ve left your site – like emails or push notifications to remind your customers that they still have a cart waiting.


Get Them While They’re Hot

While you might still consider what you’ll do if and when they leave, make sure you still do something in the moment, while their intent to purchase is measuring higher. In real-time, you can employ tools to measure their probability to convert, to abandon, to stretch their cart, and anything you can do to confirm their intent and capitalize on their behaviour will be to your benefit! So why not get them while they’re still ‘in-store’?


Often, when a cart is at risk for abandonment, you need to tap into an arsenal of tactics that will influence their decision to convert.

  • Is this customer price sensitive? Should I present an individualized offer for a margin-aware discount?
  • Is this customer worried about true to fit sizing? Should I remind them with a targeted message about our hassle-free returns?
  • Would this customer spend a little more if I offer free shipping for a minimum purchase?


If you’re curious about how other retailers have been able to convert more browsers to buyers, talk to us about how we’ve helped! With a product like ES Engage, we’ve been able in real time to capture incremental revenue, reduce cart abandonment and stretch customer basket size. Let us tell you how!