Personalized offers that deepen customer engagement, drive incremental revenue and maximize profit

ES Engage for Omni-Channel delivers the Right offer, to the Right person at the Right time, in the Right channel, to create a Win-Win relationship for customers and retailers.

Reap the benefits of applying a personalized offer program to your existing customer base.

  • Increase the breadth and depth of Offer Personalization
  • Issue compelling one to one offers in any channel to drive additional revenue at more profitable margins
  • Accelerate and deepen engagement from your customer base
  • Increase the ROI on your promotional spend
faster conversion of customer behaviors lift in member spend return on offer investment

How it Works

First, each customer is assessed to Identify Behavior Gaps. Typical behavior gaps include recency & frequency, average order value, not shopping in certain categories, not engaging with digital and social channels, and more.

Next, our Intelligent Rules (powered by AI) determine the right offers for a customer, rationalizing the amount of incentive they need based upon their propensity to close their behaviour gaps. The offer “ask” is also set to be realistic and achievable for the customer.

Then, Offers are communicated in all available channels and the rewards are paid only once the customer completes their offers. Rewards can be tailored to whatever motivates your customers (e.g., loyalty points, coupons, free gifts, experiences, etc.)

Finally, Automated Decisioning ensures customers keep receiving new offers and that they are tied to the customer’s latest performance and ever-changing gaps.

The end result… accelerated & continuous customer growth, incremental program revenue and optimized promotional spend.

What You Get

  1. Full control over Program Configuration – offer types, branding, offer communication channels and reward currency, etc
  2. Continuous Optimization by Data Scientists who:
    • Profile customer behavior and perform behavior gap analysis
    • Analyze purchase patterns, propensities & opportunities for improvement
    • Tweak Offer parameters to optimize offer engagement and ROI
  3. Access to analysis insights to use in your own marketing, personalization and merchandising strategies
  4. Dedicated Account Manager & highly responsive technology team
  5. Weekly performance reports with program results
  6. Quarterly Business Reviews to dive deeper into program performance and optimization opportunities

Getting Started

  • ES Engage for Omni-Channel is operated as a managed service
  • It all starts with an assessment of existing customer behavior. Send us a sample customer file. The team will conduct a free gap analysis to identify how to engage your customer base to deliver incremental performance.
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