Personalized Offers that drive incremental e-commerce revenue, while ensuring promotional spend is optimized

Optimizing a personalized offer strategy is easier said than done. There are tons of paths you can take in support of your business objectives, and numerous MarTech vendor choices out there to assess. Are you already overwhelmed? Our advice – start small(er) while you figure out the big picture. ES Engage for Digital Commerce focuses on eCommerce and Mobile App channels only, with initial offers launching in as little as 4 weeks. If you aren’t sure where to begin, ES Engage for Digital Commerce may be a good starting point for you and your business.

  • Transition from mass, margin-eroding promotions to a 1:1, real-time offer strategy
  • Improve conversion rates, average order value, purchase frequency, cart creation, new customer conversion, and category spend
  • Avoid wasting promotional spend on behaviors that would have been performed anyway
  • Deliver an enhanced customer experience through surprise & delight
lift in revenue, margin and orders improvement in lifetime spend higher return on promo spend

How it Works

First, we determine customer propensity and intent using the customer’s click-stream actions and historical data, if available. In milliseconds, our Machine Learning determines answers to some key questions: Is this customer likely to buy? How much are they likely to spend and is there an opportunity to stretch their basket? Will they respond to an offer? How much margin is available in the cart to support an offer?

Next, our Intelligent Rules spring into action, presenting the right type of offer, with the right spend amount and incentive And sometimes the best action is no action at all. Why waste incentive dollars when the customer was going to buy anyways!

The end result….higher conversions and spend, more revenue and much more efficient use of your precious promotional budget. Need proof? We put our money where our mouth is. ES Engage for Digital Commerce operates on a pay-for-performance basis. We don’t make money, unless you do.

What You Get

  1. Full control over Program Configuration – # of offer types, branding, offer placement, max / min number of offers, alignment with other marketing activities, etc
  2. Continuous Optimization by our team of Data Scientists who:
    • Analyze purchase patterns, propensities & opportunities for improvement
    • Profile customer behavior & web traffic to better understand your customer’s promotion sensitivity
    • Tweak Offer parameters to optimize revenue & margin performance
  1. Access to the analysis insights to enhance your own marketing, personalization and merchandising strategies
  2. Dedicated Account Manager & highly responsive technology team
  3. Weekly performance reports with program results
  4. Quarterly Business Reviews to dive deeper into program performance and optimization opportunities

Getting Started

ES Engage is operated as a managed service. Personalized offer capabilities are added to your existing digital properties with little to no integration work required on your end.

  1. Install a tag
  2. Allocate Space for Offer Message
  3. Set Up Promo Codes (or other incentives)

….we do the rest.

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