Introducing Esso pre-paid auto fuels products that instantly saves you money at Esso stations.

We Partnered with Esso to Offer Pre-Paid Auto Fuel Products

At Exchange Solutions, we specialize in developing customized, consumer-driven incentives to increase sales and maximize promotional spending. In 2017, we partnered with the Canadian fuel brand, Imperial, and offered pre-paid auto fuel products to car dealerships. Here’s how it works.

Your Customers Want Fuel Incentives. We Provide Them, and Help Your Dealership Get Paid.

Price Protection fuel savings cards
give customers fuel price certainty and lock gas prices at the pump for a specified number of litres. Our marquee offering is cost-effective to auto companies and very valuable to end consumers.

Price Privileges fuel savings cards,
available in a convenient digital format, provide customers with optimal price/litre savings at the pump.

Gift cards,
a simple digital format that’s easy to reload, allow vehicle dealerships to pre-load payment cards for customer use.

A Successful Case Study:

Exchange Solutions, Imperial, and Hyundai

Exchange Solutions, Imperial, and Hyundai executed a successful fuel incentive program between July 1 and August 31, 2017. This partnership allowed Hyundai’s car buyers to purchase prepaid fuel cards, including gift cards (pre-loaded payment cards), Price Privileges fuel savings cards (price per litre savings), and Price Protection fuel savings cards (fixed prices for predetermined fuel amounts).

During this eight-week promotion, car buyers earned a Price Protection fuel rewards card, which, Hyundai representatives reported, effectively boosted vehicle sales and reduced campaign promotional costs.

Price Protection:

Our Solution to Driving Auto New Sales and Increasing Customer Loyalty

Exchange Solutions provides fully customized, data-driven customer engagement and loyalty products that incentive consumer behavior throughout the automotive customer’s lifecycle. For our partnership with Imperial and the Esso brand, we developed Price Protection, which guarantees fuel price certainty to car buyers. It’s also a tremendously cost-effective offering for car dealerships.

We rapidly deployed this promotional campaign across multiple channels, using our cloud-based ES Engage platform and delivering a personalized incentive to Esso’s client base. At Exchange Solutions, we are experts in the customer engagement space with more than 20 years of experience in a wide array of verticals. To learn more about Price Protection, contact us today.

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