Stop Wasting Your Marketing Dollars:

How One-to-One Personalization of Incentives Can Deliver Measurable, Profitable Results

Many retailers are wasting precious marketing dollars by continuing to take a traditional approach to their promotional strategies. Download this new e-book, from Exchange Solutions and RIS News, to discover how a truly individualized approach to promotions can incentivize shoppers to perform valuable new behaviors, while optimizing marketing spend.

Case Studies

Case Study: Large International Home Improvement Retailer

This case study demonstrates how ES Engage, our cloud-based, individualized offers customer engagement product, helped our client to improve conversion rates, average order value, and return on marketing spend.


More Science Less Fiction

While Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used interchangeably and are usually referenced in dystopian fiction, we do a deeper dive into the branch of AI that has actual applications in E-Commerce. This whitepaper shares how Narrow Artificial Intelligence puts smarter selling and shopping within reach.

Applications in Retail/E-Commerce

As shoppers, we’re starting to find that websites seem to be getting smarter. This whitepaper shares how machines are making our online shopping experiences better for us as shoppers and for retailers as sellers.

Amazon Isn’t Killing Your Brick & Mortar Stores – You Are

Whether you want to admit it or not, Amazon isn’t making your brick and mortar store irrelevant – you are. The in-store shopping experience doesn’t have to lose out to online competition; after all, consumers are drawn to compelling shopping experiences that can’t be provided online. This whitepaper offers strategies on how to provide a more relevant in-store customer experience.

Exchange Solutions & IBM Watson Commerce

Positioning for the Adaptive Loyalty Revolution

As we’ve evolved our ability to learn more and more about our customers, loyalty programs have also changed to become even more effective in keeping the attention focused on individual brands with real-time technology, advanced analytics and compelling customer experiences. Are you positioned to take full advantage of the fast evolving loyalty program potential?

From Data to Insight to Action:

Five Strategies to Achieving Better E-Commerce Performance

As e-commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, there is heightened focus on the customer shopping experience which presents valuable opportunities to improve e-commerce site performance – in turn, improving customer lifetime value and engagement. This whitepaper will give you five techniques to modifying a customer’s in-session shopping behavior.

Innovations in Loyalty:

10 Key Questions You’re Probably Asking

There’s been a lot of talk about the evolution of loyalty. Here are 10 key questions you might be asking about the new types of innovative loyalty programs and answers to help you navigate the hype.

Proprietary or Coalition:

What Type of Customer Engagement Program is Right for Your Company?

Proprietary and Coalition customer loyalty programs both have their advantages. This whitepaper will examine three key areas that organizations should consider when deciding which type of program is right for them.


Key Learnings from IRCE 2019 – From Inspiration to Action and Innovation

With another great conference wrapped up, you’re likely riding the high of inspired big ideas. Did you gather what you were hoping to? To help answer this question, we’ve filtered out 3 core takeaways from IRCE 2019 you can take back to your retail organization.

Finding Best Fit Tech for Your Customer Engagement Strategy

One of the best things about conference season is the opportunity to review the newest tech offerings in the marketplace all in one spot – the conference exhibit hall. With so many solutions on showcase, it can sometimes get overwhelming. You might find yourself wishing you had a compass for navigating the sea of choice. Some conferences acknowledge this issue wholeheartedly and offer help to attendees in an effort to maximize their experience during the show. As an example, in addition to the expo hall at IRCE 2019, a workshop outlining best practices for choosing the right tech was hosted on June 25th. If you attended, it should have added great value for you as you reflect on vendor and solution fit for your organization.

Avoiding Big Idea Overload – How to Get the Most Value Out of Conference Attendance

We’ve all been there. Conference season arrives, and you want to work in attending the right mix to support your company’s strategic goals. With each conference comes all the invites to great sessions and panels, walking the exhibit floor, catching up with attendees you know, plus the after-hours networking opportunities. Who can fit it all in? With all this to consider, it can get overwhelming to plan for a successful conference schedule when you look at a packed agenda.

Exchange Solutions Named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2017 by The Silicon Review

We are thrilled to be named one of the 50 Smartest Companies of 2017 by The Silicon Review! Read about how our unique platforms uniquely and deeply meet the needs of our customers and drive customer lifetime value while reducing promotional spend.

The Mobile Imperative!

In this article, we discuss how mobile is critical to delivering a true omni-channel approach to customer engagement. After all, the vast majority of consumers carry their mobile device with them all day, every day – what better way to reach known and unknown customers at a critical moment with relevant, personalized offers?

Retail CIO Outlook Top 10 Analytics Solutions Providers of 2017 – Exchange Solutions Cover Feature

Exchange Solutions’ unique use of analytics has earned us a spot in Retail CIO Outlook’s TOP 10 Analytics Solution Providers 2017. Check out our cover feature and learn about our innovative customer engagement and loyalty programs that help retail and e-commerce businesses increase valuable customer behaviors in order to drive incremental sales and margin while reducing marketing spend.

The New Era of Grocery Shopping: How Grocery Retailers are Competing in a Digital World

Grocery is the final frontier for the true omnichannel dynamic, and today grocery shopping online is still more hypothetical than a true business driver. Although traditional in-store behaviors are still prevalent, like most businesses, grocery will somehow, someday find its way more prominently online. Retail marketers will need to be at the forefront with the right strategies in place to capitalize on this shift.

Three Ways to Improve Customer Share of Wallet with a Cross-category Sales Approach

Being a softlines retail marketer isn’t easy. Knowing your customers’ needs is simple; the hard part is connecting them with the right merchandise, at the right time with the right offer. The speed of marketing execution needs to be as fast as your customer’s fleeting interests, and merchandise targeting needs to be as precise as their wants and your inventory. Advanced customer engagement has dramatically improved in step with advances in cloud-based computing, machine learning analytics and real-time customer experience. With that in mind, this article presents three ways to improve share of wallet by driving more effective customer engagement.

How Relevancy and the Right Promotions are Boosting Basket Size

Average order value (AOV) has always been a chief key performance indicator for online retailers. Marketers are constantly looking for the right balance between increasing a customer’s AOV while minimizing the impact of temporarily pulling sales forward and over-spending on promotion. The ultimate goal is to obtain the best of both worlds: having your customers increase their average order value during each visit while lowering promotional costs. This article will help you identify the right marketing investment to get there.

Don’t Personalize Your Marketing, Individualize It

Most companies are already taking advantage of customer data to make personalized marketing a reality, but it’s important to note the clear distinction between personalized messages and individualized marketing.  Fueled by robust data insights, individualized marketing delivers targeted offers based on individual behaviors, character traits and profiles, and is one of the most vital drivers of customer loyalty and profitability. To start individualizing your marketing, here are three tips to becoming a world-class, one-to-one marketer.

Unifying the Customer Experience with the Building Blocks of Loyalty

Customer loyalty is often seen as a pillar for brand success. Through consistent and effective messaging you can create a more valuable long-term relationship with your customers. Compelling omnichannel experiences driven by unique tailoring and personalization can drive repeat purchases, higher ROI and cross-category sales —
and it all starts with understanding your customers and what motivates them.

Grocery Retail: Building Loyalty and Customer Lifetime Value in a Digital World

Grocery retailing is a dynamic and highly competitive industry, and is becoming even more so. Consumers have more shopping choices than ever, and protecting and building loyalty is no easy feat. Retail leaders are looking for a heightened understanding of shoppers’ mindsets and how to use data to better understand what drives their customers’ shopping decisions. With the right tools in place, you can make smarter and more profitable marketing decisions, and it all starts with rewarding your customers for the right behaviors.

2016 Trends in Customer Loyalty

The customer loyalty landscape is changing rapidly, and that pace of change is likely to accelerate in 2016. More and more, companies are viewing their loyalty investments as an opportunity to differentiate themselves and drive positive ROI for the business. Three of the key trends driving this change in mindset are: personalization, the omni-channel customer experience and connected devices.

Designing or Upgrading Your Loyalty Program: Should You Build, Buy or Partner?

When it comes to designing or upgrading a proprietary customer loyalty program, there are three options available: building the program internally, buying a subscription to a SaaS loyalty platform, or partnering with a managed services provider for a customized program. Each has its unique advantages and disadvantages, and the “right” fit will depend on your business objectives and the resources you have available.

Exchange Solutions: Leading the Way on Customer Engagement Innovation

The Exchange Solutions optimization team are currently working with the technology team to create the “third generation” of the core customer engagement platform using the most cutting edge, rigorous, adaptive algorithms available today. The new and improved optimization techniques will not only create a positive impact for Exchange Solutions’ clients and clients’ customers, but will have a bar-raising effect on the customer engagement industry at large.

How Intelligent Customer Engagement Takes Your Customer Beyond Loyalty

As shoppers become increasingly tech savvy, access to more knowledge and options is breaking down the barrier to switching brands. As a result, more and more companies are starting rewards programs to engage and retain their customers. If you’re considering starting a rewards program or enhancing an existing one, start by understanding how an individualized, data-driven approach, like intelligent customer engagement, as opposed to the traditional approach to loyalty, can drive the most value for your business.

3 Practical Steps to Tapping into Big Data (and Little) to Drive More Profitable Behaviors from Your Customers

In the beginning, loyalty programs were pretty simple – a customer buys something, that customer earns points; that customer burns those points to get something. But this simple “earn and burn” type loyalty program rewards everyone equally for their business. The new generation of customer engagement programs allow companies to treat customers on a one-to-one basis, thus driving ROI on their loyalty investment.


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