Loyalty Solutions increase share of wallet, shrink time between visits and retain your most valuable customers

Mapping out customer loyalty strategy is a journey without a final destination. Whether you’re looking for a partner that can manage and execute a robust loyalty program system and member experience, or you’re simply looking for ways to get more out of your existing program without a full overhaul, you can find help here. Increasing share of wallet is achievable with the right loyalty program tools.

faster conversion lift in customer spend return on offer investment

ES Loyalty

Fully featured loyalty program management

Thinking of starting a loyalty program? Not getting what you need out of your existing loyalty platform? Exchange Solutions has 2 decades of experience helping retailers succeed in executing the right program for their customer base. The platform supports any number of structures, including subscription based models, traditional points systems, cash incentive programs and/or experiential rewards.

  • Evolve your program from transactional to experiential and emotionally inspiring
  • Maximize the value of your member data by enabling personalized experiences and communications
  • Efficiently launch program changes and campaign tactics through a system that adapts to your members’ behaviors and preferences.

Choose from a variety of programmatic functions and managed services we already offer, or let us know what innovative ideas you have up your sleeve! The team is always up for a new challenge.

Program Operations Management
Having the right infrastructure to grow with a demanding member base is essential for a loyalty program to succeed. ES Loyalty is fully configurable and does support an omni-channel approach, treating each profile and transaction with the safety and security you expect. Apply the right member experience, award currency, reward schedule, tier and segment via a self-service console or with help from our team of experts. Track any behavior in any channel on-demand, enabled by a connection to our RESTful APIs.

Other Managed Services
Managing a loyalty program platform is a tall order, especially when you don’t have the right resources or expertise in house. Whether you’re looking for help designing your program from the ground up, understanding member behavior through advanced analytics, or developing a robust, one to one marketing strategy, the team is here for you.

Have questions? Contact us.

ES Loyalty Boost

Personalized offer platform for loyalty program members

Running a loyalty program with thousands or even millions of members is a tough job for the best of teams. Even tougher is keeping the entire base engaged and feeling valued on an ongoing basis. ES Loyalty Boost allows existing loyalty program operators to leverage the power of a personalized offer system, without needing to upgrade or completely replace your administration tool or platform.

Reap the benefits of applying a personalized loyalty offer program to your existing member base.

  • Enhance the performance of your existing program without having to “rip & replace”
  • Drive additional revenue at more profitable margins
  • Accelerate and deepen engagement from your member base
  • Increase the ROI on your program promotional spend

It all starts with an assessment of your existing program. Send us your member file, or at least a sample. The team will conduct a free gap analysis to identify how your program could benefit. Contact us to start your gap analysis now.

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