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We’re going to donate $100 in your name to a registered charity of your choice in exchange for a 20 minute introductory meeting. You or any appropriate team members can meet with us casually, either in person at Oracle MME in Las Vegas or via a web meeting before May 12, 2017.

Schedule the meeting. Identify your charity. That’s it.


The eCommerce Solution landscape is overwhelmingly crowded. Our approach, just like our AI Managed Service, doesn’t fit into any existing bucket. We do things differently. In fact, we are only paid on the validated Lift that we generate for our Retail partners.


  • You will learn a little about a new AI cloud-based Managed Service which is producing validated, consistent 10%+ eCommerce top-line and ACLV Lift for large Retailers
  • We hope to learn a little more about your eCommerce goals and strategy
  • We will send you confirmation of the donation made in your name
  • We will both help make the world a better place

We hope to meet with you  soon.

Jim Bruynell


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VIDEO: Featured on the award-winning, global television show Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® as a best-in-class provider of loyalty and customer engagement solutions.

Featured in Internet Retailer Cloud Technology Report: Advancements in cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty tools.

Named a Top 10 Analytics Solutions Provider of 2017 by Retail CIO Outlook Magazine.

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