Personalized Offer Solutions generate revenue through increased conversions, without breaking the bank

Developing engaging campaigns that generate interest and traffic – whether on foot or via digital channels – is what your marketing team spends time and budget developing. Converting that traffic consistently and cost effectively is the biggest challenge for any retailer. Observing a high volume of “I’m just browsing” behavior is not the ideal goal of any campaign. How do you convert at a high rate at the lowest cost possible?

The Exchange Solutions Platform powers engagement solutions for all retail audiences, including that elusive browser group. Using easy to implement AI and machine learning tools, our solutions react to both browser and identified customer behavior to maximize conversion opportunity at the most profitable offer level needed.

lift in offer acceptance increase in offer completion convert below full offer value

The Exchange Solutions Platform supports 2 main approaches to targeting one to one offers:

ES Engage for Omni-Channel

Hyper-targeted offer platform for identified customers

Executing a personalized offer strategy for your existing customer base has typically been limited to specific channels and tactics, such as email and one-time use couponing. However, these campaigns leave every retail marketer with the same question – what am I leaving on the table with those I don’t reach?

  • With ES Engage, keep customers responsive, loyal and ultimately spending more by expanding your one to one offer capabilities above and beyond today’s standard.
  • Execute personalized offers across all available customer touchpoints & channels from one central system
  • Improve customer lifetime value & engagement with a focus on driving incremental behavior
    Optimize promotional spend. Avoid rewarding behaviors that would have been performed anyway

Let us assess your customer behavior. To start, we’ll supply you with expert recommendation on how best to approach personalized offers, before you take the plunge. Contact us to get started.

Quick link: If you have a loyalty program, see how personalized offers could work specifically for your member base via ES Loyalty Boost.

ES Engage for Digital Commerce

Real-time, personalized offer platform for online browsers

If you already have an offer solution in place, you’re really ahead of the growth curve. But, most platforms provide help only with identified customers and not with the unidentified browser community. Though unidentified, browsers expect a personalized experience as well. So how do you accommodate “right for you” offers on first visit without overspending due to lack of shopping history?

ES Engage for Digital Commerce observes browser behavior from the very first session, adapting best offer showcase as the browser clicks – or taps – throughout their journey. Applying ES Engage for Digital Commerce can help you:

Drive additional revenue & margin from both online and in-app channels
Improve conversion rates, average order value, purchase frequency, cart creation, new customer conversion and category spend
Quickly and easily transition from mass, margin-eroding promotions to a one to one, real time offer strategy

Turn your digital browsing community into converting, engaged shoppers in a few short weeks – no IT cycles required. Contact us to learn how.

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