Agents of E-commerce

E-commerce podcast with experts and change agents at the edge of the digital frontier. The host, Eric Miller is on the team at Exchange Solutions and we are providing this podcast as a service to our network.

Customer Loyalty with Jenn McMillen of

September 30, 2018

Episode #6 of the Agents of E-Commerce Podcast brings us a conversation on Customer Loyalty with Jenn McMillen, Loyalty Guru and founder and CEO of Incendio. Jenn has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares including topics such as Loyalty vs. Rewards programs, trends in Loyalty Design, and she shares her experiences crafting programs for GameStop, Godiva, and Blockbuster to name a few.

Computer Vision with Ted Mann, CEO of Slyce

September 4, 2018

Episode #5 of the Agents of E-Commerce Podcast brings a conversation on Computer Vision with Ted Mann, founder of SnipSnap and CEO of Slyce. With the incredible power of the advanced cameras that everyone carries around in his or her pockets (your phone), new experiences and engagement opportunities await retailers and customers. We discuss Ted’s history as a founder and CEO and how Visual Search fits within the context of computer vision developments over the past decade. Check out Ted’s company, or experience Slyce firsthand powering the Home Depot, Macy’s, and Tommy Hllfiger visual search within their apps. You can also follow Ted on twitter @turkeymonkey. I probably should have asked him about that twitter handle…Next time.

The Internet of Things with Jeff Knechtel

August 6, 2018

Episode #4 of The Agents of E-Commerce Podcast is a conversation with Jeff Knechtel, Senior Director, Product Management with Exchange Solutions, @jknechtel on Twitter. Jeff and I have a spirited chat on many aspects of The Internet of Things (IOT) and how it is changing our lives and our shopping, not necessarily in that order. Jeff has some great insights on how to get into this growth area, what’s Amazon’s play, the other players, and even Kinght Rider! All that in under thirty minutes! So have a listen and please share with others, because sharing is caring and feel free to ping me ( with ideas for other topics of interest, or if you, yourself would like to join me for an interview on the interwebs of podcasting!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Brenda Higuchi

July 26, 2018

Episode #3 of The Agents of E-Commerce Podcast is a conversation with Brenda Higuchi, SVP of Analytics and Optimization with Exchange Solutions. We have a great conversation on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in the context of our everyday lives and E-commerce. Brenda goes deep into helping us understand how AI and ML capabilities are being leveraged by consumers and retailers. Lots of good examples and stories including Google’s ability to carry on a human conversation: Tons to discuss and learn here so happy listening!

Content Marketing with Rob Yoegel

June 8, 2018

Episode #2 of The Agents of E-Commerce Podcast is a conversation with Rob Yoegel, a B2B Marketing leader and a Content Marketing expert. We discuss what Content Marketing is, why it matters, and how to effectively measure it. I also learned a new term “Newsjacking!” All this and more in episode #2!

E-Commerce Re-platforming with Jerry Baklycki of

May 26, 2018

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Agents of E-Commerce Podcast! My first guest is Jerry Baklycki, the Vice President of Technology for On Campus Marketing’s newly redesigned and replatformed website “offers college approved products that combine comfort and style at affordable pricing from dorm bedding, dorm décor, bath sets, themed care packages, to graduation frames and so much more! We’ve made college living easier and more affordable for over 6 million families.”

Jerry shares his stories of re-platforming gone wrong and right and lessons learned over the years for other E-commerce leaders in the Enterprise space.

You can reach out to Jerry directly