Introducing Smarter Loyalty for IBM Commerce

Exchange Solutions has partnered with IBM to provide IBM Commerce customers with Smarter Loyalty

Smarter Loyalty for IBM Commerce helps retailers drive retention, customer lifetime value and profitability by identifying, valuing and closing high-value “customer behavior gaps” (valuable behaviors that customers are not performing). Whether enhancing an existing loyalty program or implementing a new one, this solution enables one-to-one customer engagement, using individualized incentives to drive incremental behavior change.

Solution capabilities include:
  • Individualized Behavior Gap analysis determines un-tapped customer potential
  • “Propensity to Perform” Intelligent Rules Matrix, which distributes just the right value of incentive, to the right customers, to obtain the desired marginal behavior
  • True one-to-one customer engagement, providing customers with a choice of targeted incentives
  • Interaction Management in real-time, in all channels
  • Currency / Point Bank to manage all customer interactions, fulfillment and redemptions
  • Ongoing optimization based on machine-based learning

Seamlessly integrated with key IBM Commerce products, including IBM WebSphere-Commerce, IBM Tealeaf and IBM Digital Analytics, Smarter Loyalty for IBM Commerce requires no additional capital expenditure and is delivered via a cloud-based platform and supporting processes / analytics. Available under a fee-for-service model or via a performance-based fee structure to lower upfront investment and risk.Exchange Solutions is a certified IBM Business Partner and has achieved Ready for Smarter Commerce validation, with synergies on an array of IBM products, including IBM Tealeaf and IBM WebSphere Commerce.

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