“Leveraging Exchange Solutions’ expertise has enabled us to drive member engagement resulting in the continuous growth of our member base, and expansion of our Club Hockey Canada program.”
Glen McCurdie, VP Membership Services, Hockey Canada

Our loyalty programs help subscription businesses to:

Enhance retention

Increase renewal rates for members or subscribers, with a drive to longer terms in order to reduce churn and increase average customer lifetime

Increase conversion

Drive conversion rates by incenting customers to upgrade from free to premium paid subscriptions, or convert from a visitor to a purchaser

Deepen engagement

Influence your users to visit your site more often, engage with previously unvisited parts of your website and/or engage with advertiser content

Increase customer spend

Motivate customers to increase their average basket size, have a higher frequency of purchase or purchase higher margin products

Reduce acquisition costs

Encourage your customers to refer friends and family to your site

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