Experts in providing Smarter Loyalty programs

and individualized offers that improve retention,

customer lifetime value, and profitability.

What We Do

Exchange Solutions designs, builds and operates Smarter Loyalty programs that uses data-driven, personalized incentives to increase valuable customer behaviors, at a lower cost than your business-as-usual marketing. Smarter Loyalty programs uncover existing customer behavior gaps and close those behavior gaps with individualized offers. These one-to-one offers are tailored to each customer in order to drive incremental behavior change.

Smarter Loyalty helps retail and e-commerce businesses to improve:

Individualized Offers
Customer Lifetime Value

Our Clients

Powering Smarter Loyalty for the biggest retail and e-commerce brands

How We Do It

We identify and target each of your customer’s high-value behavior gaps, focusing on behaviors that they are not likely to perform. We then create Intelligent Rules to target those behavior gaps with the right amount and type of incentive. Engaging with each customer in real-time and in the right channel, we present individualized offers that deepen your customers’ engagement and drive the most profitable incremental behaviors.

How To Get Started

Understanding the potential value of your member behaviors is the first step in developing a Smarter Loyalty program. Exchange Solutions’ Benefit Assessment not only helps companies to identify and quantify their customer behavior gaps, but provides a roadmap showing how to capitalize on these incremental opportunities.