Personalized offers for ecommerce consumers, optimized based on real-time purchase intent​

Turn each visit into a loyal customer:

Reduce reliance on site-wide, margin-eroding promotions
Attract customers
Convert more traffic with the right offer, not the richest offer
Capitalize on consumer intent – avoid cart abandonment, stretch basket size and convert first time visitors
Avoid presenting offers to consumers that would have bought anyway
Deliver 1 to 1 promotions at scale, in real-time

Convert each visit in just a few clicks. Learn how it works in 2 minutes.

What happens when our clients shift to automated personalized offers?

Digital revenue increase

11% Growth in Digital Revenue

+$1.1M incremental dollars for every $10M in sales

Yields 11% Increase in Gross Margin

+$385K in gross margin for every $10M in sales
Average incentive

At a 70% Reduction in Promotion Spend

$192K in incentive to generate $1.1M in incremental sales

Generating a 50%+ ROI

Including incentive costs & fees

Working with Exchange Solutions to help optimize our digital customer engagement strategy has been a great decision. Their ES Engage solution is one of the most impressive tools we’ve added to our eCommerce platform and is the solution I am most proud of implementing at INDOCHINO.

Alex Nazarevich


How it works

ES EngageTM identifies consumer purchase intent, then engages with personalized, margin-aware offers in real-time to drive incremental engagement, profitable sales and brand loyalty

Real time data

More about real-time data analysis

Offer decision

More about offer decisioning

Offer Presentment

More about offer presentment

The end result…higher conversions and spend, more revenue and much more efficient use of your precious promotional budget.


Need proof? We put our money where our mouth is. ES EngageTM  can  operate on a pay-for-performance basis. We don’t make money, unless you do. 

Tailor experiences with privacy in mind

Treat anonymous consumers

Effectively treat unknown consumers

implement ES Engage quickly

Implement quickly – for real

on off switch

Target personalized offers only when needed

Fully automated personalized offer capabilities

Automate entire intelligent offer process

give rewards

Discreetly discount or reward

Enhance CX

Enhance CX with surprise and delight

Live tracking

Forget the cookies – leverage secure, controlled tracking in-session

Optimize results

Optimize results with managed services


Machine Learning: More Science Less Fiction

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