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Release History

Version 4.5

Refined Growth Marketing Results

Incremental Sales Report:
Assess an offer’s incremental impact by comparing key metrics like sales, margins, orders, average order values, and conversions to a control group.

Customer Status in Business Rules:
With our advanced status tracking of new consumers, prior browsers, and prior buyers, benefit from a deeper layer of consumer categorization. This helps in customizing the types of offers presented to your consumers, ensuring a more personalized offer experience and optimized use of promotional spend.

Special Audience Treatment:
Optimize your consumer’s online journey by distinguishing between Anonymous and Special audiences, ensuring each category is considered when delivering their 1:1 offer experience.

AI-Driven Offer Optimization

Average Order Value Personalization:
Maximize both offer relevance and conversion potential using a more precise Average Order Value prediction.

Machine Learning Models:
Augment your offer optimization strategy by leveraging the power and foresight of our Machine Learning models, ensuring advanced targeting.