Exchange Solutions' Benefit Assessment

Understanding the potential value of your customer behaviors is the first step in developing an intelligent customer engagement program.

Exchange Solutions’ Benefit Assessment not only helps companies to identify and quantify their customer behavior gaps, but provides a roadmap showing how to capitalize on these incremental opportunities. The Benefit Assessment provides detailed analysis and metrics in three key areas:

How your members are currently interacting with your site and what the dollar value is of each of those behaviors

What the behavior gaps are and how much profit these behavior gaps represent for the company (i.e. incremental profitability potential)

Which key customer behaviors can quickly and effectively drive an increase in profitability, and a roadmap of how you can tap into these opportunities, by leveraging member-specific incentives

By embedding a web beacon on your website or accessing your past customer records, in just a four week period data on the full range of your customers’ behaviors is gathered and analyzed. We combine this with our expertise and in-market experience with optimizing customer behaviors, in order to provide a detailed and quantified report on where your customers’ behavior gaps currently lie and how much incremental profit could be generated by closing those behavior gaps, as well as a roadmap of how to get there. Whether used to craft a new customer engagement program, or to understand how to better optimize an existing program, Exchange Solutions’ Benefit Assessment provides an in-depth level of analysis that is invaluable to any organization.

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