Automated, personalized offers that turbocharge loyalty program performance

Rejuvenate a sub-optimal program with these key benefits:

automated offer in real-time

Automate and optimize offer personalization at-scale, in real-time

optimize existing program

Improve performance of an existing loyalty program, without having to “rip and replace"

Deepen member engagement

Accelerate and deepen member engagement with the program and brand

Customer Lifetime Value

Drive additional revenue from the program through direct improvement in customer lifetime value behavior

Optimize vendor budget

Optimize loyalty program promotional expenses, including vendor funded budgets

Operational Efficiency

Significantly improve operational efficiency

How it works

Automatically delivers personalized offers to members in exchange for performing strategic behaviors. Maintain affinity, grow average order value, drive category penetration and more. Offers and incentives are highly tailored to each individual consumer’s shopping patterns and propensities to maximize relevancy and optimize promotional budgets.

The end result…accelerated and continuous program growth, revenue and optimized promotional spend.

What happens when our clients use automated personalized offers?​


Deepens Offer Engagement

2X higher completion rate on ES Loyalty Boost targeted offers
growth and revenue icon

Growth in Revenue

12% increase in sales on ES Loyalty Boost promoted products, brands and categories

Offer efficiency

Increased Offer Efficiency

2X greater offer efficiency and 14% reduction in offer costs
Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency

50% increase in operational efficiency….less time and resources needed to get offers into market

Our Key Differentiators

One to one offer

True 1 to 1 personalization, not just segmentation

Fully automated personalized offer capabilities

Optimize vendor funded offers


Focus beyond “best customer”

Customer Lifetime Value

Improve customer lifetime value and engagement behaviors, not just purchases

Past purchase history

Do more with past purchase data


modular products

Modular loyalty product portfolio


See ES LoyaltyTM Boost in action. Contact us for a quick demo.​