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Release History

Version 3.5

Non-points Rewards

Why this is valuable:
Marketers require diverse promotional strategies to influence consumer behavior across all loyalty program phases

What this feature does:
This feature offers instant rewards such as $ off items, $ off cart, % off items, and % off cart at the POS level

How you benefit:
These rewards expand promotional possibilities for various products and goals while effectively attracting new loyalty members

Enhancements: Get Member Profile API and External Transaction ID

Why this is valuable:
Detailed member information and transaction data are crucial for members and consumer support teams to enhance the loyalty program’s effectiveness

What this feature does:
These features provide deeper insights into consumer profiles, including member-specific details and marketer transaction identifiers

How you benefit:
This results in enhanced program personalization and more efficient consumer support, ultimately leading to increased member loyalty and consumer experience

Anonymous Shopper Prompt

Why this is valuable:
Encouraging consistent loyalty card usage with each purchase is crucial for maintaining active participation in loyalty programs

What this feature does:
At the point of sale, consumers encounter a prompt displaying potential rewards that enhances the checkout experience and encourages loyalty card scanning

How you benefit:
This boosts loyalty sales by engaging members and ensuring consistent recognition and rewards for their purchases

End of Period Tier Reward and Scheduled Redemptions

Why this is valuable:
Loyalty marketers require unique reward systems to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance program value

What this feature does:
These features enable flexible loyalty programs, allowing members to receive rewards at specific intervals and redeem them periodically such as converting points into gift cards

How you benefit:
Marketers gain greater versatility in setting up and managing loyalty program rewards, enabling them to create a distinct value proposition

Version 3.4

Precision Analytics

Upgraded Loyalty Performance Dashboard:
The latest enhancement to our Loyalty Performance dashboard allows retail brands to more closely monitor the performance of their loyalty program. New views focus on day-to-day loyalty program management with actionable insights that help boost member satisfaction and program success.

Standardized Vendor Billing Dashboard:
This new, streamlined dashboard simplifies vendor-funded offer performance, budgeting, and invoice management. It gives retail brands a way to visualize key vendor offer contributions and performance over time, enabling more efficient offer planning and vendor relationship management.

Audience Targeting – Birth Month, Partner Last Link/Unlink Date:
Retail brands can now tap into personal milestones like birthdays and significant partnership interactions, offering more personalized promotions, enhancing member engagement, and fortifying members’ connection with the brand.

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Elevated Member Experiences

Advanced Offer Gallery Configuration:
With our enhanced offer gallery, retail brands can experience the pinnacle of user-friendly customization. Tailor labels and date formats specifically to your needs. Whether it’s the Offer tab, Rewards Dashboard, or Vouchers Tool, easily modify in real-time to ensure members enjoy a seamless and optimized experience when viewing offers.

Multi-Behavior Offers:
Retail brands can broaden their promotional strategy by crafting versatile rewards based on various purchase actions, whether it’s members purchasing different products together or meeting spending thresholds you set for them.

Post-Purchase Earn in Member Application:
Prevent your members from missing valuable rewards! Empower members to claim their earnings post-purchase when needed, accessible through program websites or mobile apps.

Last Activity Date Expiry Exemption:
Enhance your loyalty program with a partner-linked benefit by preventing point expiration from inactivity, thereby solidifying member loyalty.

Enhanced Loyalty Program Value

Partner Linking Enhancements:
Expand earning opportunities through account linking with partner programs / cards, streamlining single-swipe bonuses, and offering members a complete view of their loyalty journey. At the program level, this broadens the member pool effectively.

Ad Hoc Rewards/Redemptions:
Enable variable-amount rewards for any reason, facilitating both real-time bonuses and bulk rewards. This versatility serves as a tool for testing and refining promotional strategies, ensuring that your members have every opportunity to maximize their rewards.

Fractional Base Multiplier Offers:
Customize your loyalty points right down to the decimal. Whether it’s offering a 20% extra bonus or another fractional amount, the choice is yours. This precision enhances consumer retention and distinguishes your program from competitors.

Multiple Base Earn:
Diversify your member earning experience. With this feature, members can simultaneously benefit from product purchases or unit-based transactions, ensuring every engagement contributes to their loyalty journey.

Fraud Plus:
Secure your loyalty program against fraudulent activities with Fraud Plus. Identify potential fraud in real-time to ensure member account safety caps, blocks, and logging, guaranteeing a trustworthy and secure program.

Seamless Product Integrations

Data Migration and Synchronization:
Efficiently and swiftly migrate member data and synchronize transaction details when you transition to our loyalty platform, ensuring accurate account management and consumer experience continuity.

Snowflake Data Sharing Integration:
Our integration with Snowflake enables rapid data sharing with our loyalty platform without hefty ETL or technical builds. Data sharing eliminates data duplication, boosts productivity, and enhances security by giving retail brands complete control over their data within Snowflake.

File Management in Console:
Retail brands can easily upload Extended Member Data (EMD) in CSV format, paving the way for immediate audience targeting. With controlled permissions, data integration is not only swift but also secure.

Multi-source EMD Enhancements:
Harness the full potential of Extended Member Data by accepting inputs from multiple sources, enabling enhanced targeting, support, and reporting capabilities.