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Exchange Solutions stands out as a leading pure play loyalty and consumer engagement SaaS solutions provider. Our product roadmap actively embraces our clients’ loyalty strategies and the latest marketing technology & retail consumer trends. We pride ourselves on efficiency — no waiting in years-long queues or negotiating with other departments for IT resources. Check out what we’ve been working on in our latest product release note summaries below.

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In the ever-changing world of consumer loyalty, we’re more than just solution providers—we’re seasoned experts and enthusiasts. This year we’ve observed a growing trend in retail brands seeking more precise, actionable analytics, elevated member experiences, enhanced program value, and seamless partner integrations. Our latest features released underline our commitment to optimizing value exchange between retail brands and their consumers.

Version 3.4

Precision Analytics

1. Precision Analytics

Enhanced personalization

2. Elevated Member Experiences

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3. Enhanced Loyalty Program Value ​


4. Seamless Product Integrations

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Retail brands have consistently voiced their challenges around navigating the complexities of modern marketing, expressing a need for richer audience insights and enhanced campaign management. We have enhanced our ES loyalty Boost to meet these needs, focusing on two core pillars: Member Attribute Enrichments for unparalleled personalized experiences and Effective Campaign Management for precise campaign delivery. At Exchange Solutions, true 1:1 personalization isn’t just a future vision—it’s our reality. Our recent product feature enhancements get you that much further along in your personalized experiences journey.

Version 2.4

member attribute enrichments

1. Member Attribute Enrichments

Campaign Management icon

2. Effective Campaign Management

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E-commerce brands consistently face the challenge of standing out and captivating their audience in a competitive digital market. The key lies in resonating on a personal level, moving past generic offers to craft truly individualized experiences. In our latest feature release, we’ve enhanced the journey, ensuring that from the very first click, consumers are treated to a 1:1 personalized offer.  

Version 4.5

Refined Marketing Results

1. Refined Growth Marketing Results

Ai generated offer

2. AI-Driven Offer Optimization