Individualized Offers that help retailers improve customer lifetime value while ensuring promotions are optimized and executed in a brand sustainable manner.

Real-Time Offers, Privately Messaged

Identifies prospensity and intent, then engages with individualized, margin-aware offers to drive incremental & profitable sales.

In-Market Results

Generates Incremental Revenue:
Double digit lift in revenue,
margin and orders

Creates High Value Customers:
15% improvement in lifetime

Protects healthy profit margin:
2X higher return on promo spends

Optimizing Promotional Spend

Customer personas have varying sensitivity to incentives. ES Engage identifies the persona of each shopper in real-time and applies offer tactics, designed to convert and improve profitability.

Customer 1

Cluster Input Value
Referral Source Arrives via direct site load or search
Browsing Pattern Rarely browses clearance / sale categories
Cart Economics Selects non-discounted, mid-price, mid-margin items

“William Wealthy”

Treatment: Motivated buyer. Knows what they need and will buy at regular price. No need to present offer and waste incentive spend.

Customer 2

Cluster Input Value
Referral Source Arrives via paid channels (e.g. affiliate)
Browsing Pattern Browses for deals / clearance
Cart Economics Selects highly-discounted, high-price, high-margin items

“Charlie Cherry Picker”

Treatment: Likely to buy if they get a deal; focus on basket stretch and increase incentive amount where margin allows.

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